zondag 25 mei 2008


Two terran turrets - left: Laser - right: Rocket (2)
Not much to say about them...

donderdag 15 mei 2008


When the Darkshades were banned some of them decided to become a new group: the Bloodshades. The Bloodshades wanted to give their lives to destroy the Terrans. Since they have terrorized the Terrans.

info:The Bloodshades are expensive too, but they do not hide. Their strength lies in their weapons which are able to deal a lot of damage with one shot.

Possible bloodshade ship:


The history of the Darkshades:
Men have always feared dark; not all men, but most. Men have always fought it. But some have become their friend. Long ago these were mostly Necromancers. But lately a group, calling themselves Darkshades, has befriended darkness once more. Soon the Terrans started killing them. There was a huge war, but in the end the Darkshades were banned from our Galaxy. Since they have not been seen often, but maybe they're planing an invasion...

info: There are only few Darshades left, so their units mostly are expensive. To survive they have found a way to be difficult to spot. Their ships are fast moving but their weapons are weak.
A Darshade spaceship: